Lake Glenbawn Field Archery Club history

The hinterland beyond the eastern shore of Lake Glenbawn rises in soft folds to the hills which enclose the lake’s vast waterway. With abundant native flora and fauna, a group of farsighted archers sought to establish a home for the Lake Glenbawn Field Archers.

As early as 1986 John Ferris sought to have an archery range included in the National Parks and Wildlife Management Plan however at the time this did not eventuate. In 1989 Gary Dawson and Leo Walsh took up the challenge again and approached Lake Glenbawn Management on behalf of the Scone Youth Club to set up an area to be used for archery. They were given permission to set up the first range in January of 1989 and for four months the activity of the club flourished.

Unfortunately, due to changes to the structure of management, permission to use the area was withdrawn in that year. Steps were put in place to apply and obtain a lease for the site and eventually in April of 1991 the Lake Glenbawn Field Archery received the approval to establish their own club area.

Work immediately started from scratch with rakes, whipper snippers, shovels and other implements of destruction to build the club and ranges. The club house building was kindly donated by the Reichel Family, practice ranges were put in place and outdoor ranges were built. The club managed to hold their inaugural shoot in April of 1991.

With many dedicated archers, the club has strengthened over the years.  The club played host to the World Archery titles in 1995 which saw people from 17 countries including South Africa, USA, as well as from all over Australia attend. The club organises and runs 2 competitions on the national 3DAAA calendar each year. We hold a sanctioned shoot every year in April and also has the 'special event' Wingen Match Play at the Durham hotel in September.

The club holds Junior and Senior ranked world and national title holders in ABA and 3DAAA.